Mirjam`s Coaching exceeded my expectations

Through Mirjam I learned a lot about myself (/my inner child) and my anxious-preoccupied attachment style, as well as the disorganized/anxious-avoidant. In a way that exceeded my expectations. With her help, I was able to acquire and apply tools in my daily life that have enriched it in a lasting way. In addition to her competence as an attachment style expert, Mirjam has an open, warm and humorous manner, which is why I can recommend coaching with her to everyone, personal and businesses. Mirjam was also always there for me between the weekly coaching sessions. I could and did contact her regularly via Whatsapp. As a result, I never felt alone. In coaching with Mirjam, I also learned surprisingly quickly to take myself more seriously, to stop taking things personally, to distance myself more from things that are not my construction site. I now stand up for myself, I have learned to observe myself, to question thoughts, my stories, I have changed my limiting beliefs and was able to delete old patterns. I am fulfilling my needs more and more and now, after 3 months of weekly individual coaching, I feel stable and secure enough to continue on my own, with the tools I have learned and integrated. Three months filled with many aha moments and expension of consciousness, thank you!

-Laetitia Brown-