You can change your attachment style at any age!

Thanks to Mirjam’s professional support, I quickly recognised my attachment style (disorganised/anxious-avoidant). This enabled me to quickly crystallise my personal “construction sites” and, with Mirjam’s help, embark on my healing journey. It was a process that was, admittedly, very painful at times. I had to face my shadows and negative belief patterns if I wanted to change anything and it was more than worth it! With Mirjam’s loving and at the same time open and direct manner, I was able to tackle my issues in a targeted manner, release blockages and realign my life within a very short space of time. I’m now at an age where others say I’m too stuck in my ways to change. I am now living proof to the contrary and I love myself and my new life.
Mirjam has the gift of being able to feel her opponent. She listens well and gives honest feedback. Her interventions are helpful in the process. She is credible and willing to be vulnerable herself. – Thank you for all your support!”

Andrea De Mari