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Your Attachment Style is the key to every happy and successful relationship!

Mirjam Barner

"Only with a Secure Attachment Style is it possible to have happy relationships and to be a great Leader!

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Discover the power of Attachment Style Coaching

Relationships are at the heart of our lives, shaping our experiences, our decisions and ultimately our success. Whether it’s personal relationships, professional collaborations or leadership roles, understanding our attachment styles is key to navigating these relationships with clarity, trust and effectiveness. Unlock the secrets of healthy relationships.

Attachment theory, developed by psychologist John Bowlby, explores the attachment patterns we form in early childhood, usually with our primary caregivers. These patterns, which persist into adulthood or until they are changed, have a significant impact on all our relationships. Our relationship with our partner, colleagues, employees, superiors, our children, money, etc. Our attachment style influences our thinking, behavior, feelings, communication style and therefore our entire life.

Attachment style = childhood patterns/experiences/our so-called programming, which are located in our subconscious and from which we have been proven to act 95%-97% of the time! This also includes all our triggers.

Attachment style coaching: An individual path to growth!

My attachment style coaching is designed to empower individuals, leaders and teams to positively and constructively change their relationship dynamics, behaviors and mindsets. Through proven coaching methods, such as (The Attachment Style Theory, NLP, Somatic Experience Exercises), as well as personalized, practical exercises, humor and commitment, I support you in your transformation, as well as your team.

  • Recognise, understand and change your attachment style/relationship patterns.
  • Recognise and change the impact of your attachment style on your relationships, both personal and professional.
  • Develop healthier attachment patterns, behaviours and thought patterns.
  • Build stronger, more fulfilling relationships with yourself and others. Effective relationship management is a hallmark of exceptional leadership.
  • Become a better woman, man, leader, manager, CEO, mother, father.

What to expect from Attachment Style Coaching as a private individual:

What you as a CEO/Manager/Leader can expect from attachment style coaching:

Embark on a journey of personal growth, connection and inevitable success!

Invest in yourself and your relationships by exploring the transformative power of Attachment Style Coaching. I, as a trained/certified Strategic Intervention Coach and Attachment Style Expert, with years of experience, will guide you on a personal journey of self-awareness and improving your relationships, as well as your career and the success of your business.

Together we can unlock the secrets to healthier, more fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life.

Contact me today to schedule a free consultation and get started on the path to masterful relationships with yourself and others.

"For things to change, you have to change!"
- Jim Rohn -

Relationship & Business Coaching
with Attachment Style and Inner Child Expert
Mirjam Barner

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Beziehungs Coaching - Mirjam Barner

Mirjam Barner (Life Coach - speciallized in Attachment Styles) – TESTIMONIALS


You can change your attachment style at any age!

Thanks to Mirjam’s professional support, I quickly recognised my attachment style (disorganised/anxious-avoidant). This enabled me to quickly crystallise my personal “construction sites” and, with Mirjam’s help, embark on my healing journey. It was a process that was, admittedly, very painful at times. I had to face my shadows and negative belief patterns if I wanted to change anything and it was more than worth it! With Mirjam’s loving and at

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Mirjam`s Coaching exceeded my expectations

Through Mirjam I learned a lot about myself (/my inner child) and my anxious-preoccupied attachment style, as well as the disorganized/anxious-avoidant. In a way that exceeded my expectations. With her help, I was able to acquire and apply tools in my daily life that have enriched it in a lasting way. In addition to her competence as an attachment style expert, Mirjam has an open, warm and humorous manner, which

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Mirjam Barners coaching sessions are a revelation

Mirjam Barners coaching sessions are a revelation. She manages to open one’s eyes with her empathic and heartfelt manner. In addition, Miri conveys professionalism, wisdom of life, with spirituality, a lot of heart and humor. I feel happier, freer and more inspired in life because of the coaching and I can trust the flow of life better. Miri has a refreshing and warm way – and was always available to

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