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Why Groupcoaching exclusively for Disorganized/Fearful Avoidant Attachment makes a lot of sense:

Everyone in this group has  Disorganized/Anxious-Avoidant attachment style, which is considered the rarest of the 4 attachment styles. According to statistics, only 5 percent of society has the Disorganized attachment style. The goal is to heal your wounds from childhood (limiting beliefes, trigger (CPTSD Traumas) in order to finally be free, to peacefully let go of the past, to give and receive love and to have a happy relationship with oneself and others. Whether you are single or in a relationship. In the group you will also learn through the experiences of others and benefit from each other’s successes that you will experience during your coaching journey together.

The challenges and problems of the disorganized/fearful-avoidant attachment style are not individual!

Reduced isolation and increased understanding: This group coaching provides a safe and supportive environment where individuals with disorganized attachment can connect with others who share similar experiences. This helps you to feel less isolated and more understood, which is a powerful catalyst for healing.

Learning from others' experiences: By observing the experiences and interactions of others in the group, you can gain valuable insights into your own patterns and behaviors. You can also learn from the coping strategies and strategies employed by others.

Experiential learning and skill development: The group coaching utilizes experiential activities and exercises that allow you to practice new skills and approaches in a supportive environment. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals, who may have difficulty applying new learning to their real-world relationships.

Empathy and validation: Group coaching fosters a sense of empathy and validation among all participants, as everyone recognizes that their experiences are shared by others. This helps to reduce self-blame and shame, which is common among disorganized attachment.

Building community and social support: Group coaching helps to build a sense of community and social support, which can be crucial for overall well-being. These connections can provide a network of support for ongoing challenges and life transitions.

Reduced stigma and normalization: Group coaching exclusively for Disorganized Attachment helps to reduce the stigma associated with this attachent style in perticular, as participants can share their experiences without judgment. This normalization promotes self-acceptance and encourage further exploration of attachment issues.

Learning through modeling and mirroring: You will learn effective communication and relationship skills by observing and modeling the behavior of others in the group. This can be particularly beneficial for those who may have difficulty internalizing new patterns on their own.

Supportive feedback and guidance: Me, as your coach will provide ongoing guidance and support. Helping you to identify patterns, develop coping strategies, and navigate challenging situations, so you will become more secure within yourself and therefor in your relationships to othes as well. This personalized support can be invaluable.

Opportunity for self-reflection and growth: Group coaching encourages self-reflection and introspection, as participants are prompted to examine their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This leads to deeper understanding of your attachment patterns, the development of self-awareness and therefor the expanding of consciousness.

Reduced likelihood of matization: There is no risk of retraumatization in all my coachings, as the focus is on healing and growth rather than rehashing painful experiences. You do not have to relive a trauma to heal it, as the trauma itself is not what happend, the trauma is the emotion you felt, which could not be processed at that time. This unprocessed emotion is stll lingering in your body and with specific exercises, as well as cognitive reframing, you can and will heal your traumas. My coachings promote a safe and secure environment for participants to work through their attachment issues.

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Hi, I am your coach Miri and I am looking forward to guide you through your journey of deep healing in the next 3-6 month!