About me – Mirjam Barner (EN)

About me


I am Mirjam Barner.

Welcome to my website.

As a trained and certified Strategic Intervention Coach (trained by Tony Robbins) and Attachment Style Expert, I specialize in both personal and professional relationships. My coaching is based on the renowned ATTACHMENT STYLE THEORY (John Bowlby). Through my years of experience as a relationship coach, with clients who come to me with both personal and professional challenges, and also through my own lifes challenges, personal and career wise, I have realized that changing our attachment style is key. Healing our limiting patterns, mindset and triggers (traumas). It is a process, a path that may be rocky, but it gets easier and easier bit by bit and ultimately leads to the only true freedom, INNER FREEDOM. So I know exactly how you feel and what you do, or don’t do, and why. Of course I still have my challenges, but I am handeling them differently. Therefor I now see challenges as a gift, a gift for me to grow and thrive. You can learn this as well! I have transformed my “mess” (inner chaos), my crap into my “message”. What originally caused me a lot of pain and suffering over decades has now become my blessing. Because the person who has lived through and mastered it themselves can best teach you how to change your pattern. To best support you.

My own “healing journey” began before I trained as a coach, but it was only during the training period that I stepped out of the role of victim and took full responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and actions, i.e. for my life. You are welcome to find out in my coaching sessions how you too can go from being a “victim” to a “creator”. I meditate and visualize daily and am constantly learning. My training never stops and that’s great! Like me, my coaching is dynamic, full of energy, curiosity, wonder and never stays the same. It grows with me. Everything I learn as a person, I can pass on to my clients and I do. I know exactly what I’m talking about and I don’t pass on anything that I’ve only learned from books.

The “inner child” work and the healing of my “attachment style” have brought me into my self-love. Transformed my personal and professional life!

I want the same for you!

We all strive to be happy and content with ourselves, within our partnership/marriage, as a family and also with our career.

Sometimes we need support to become that person. The more happy people there are, the better our world will be for all of us!

“Always strive to be the best version of yourself” is the motto I live by.