Welcome to your free Attachment Style Test

“What`s your Attachment Style?”

This test is designed to show you what your attachment style is. Everyone has an attachment style and everyone can change it! After you have taken the test, you will get a complete summary that shows you the deeper mechanisms that are anchored in your subconscious and thus responsible for how happy, unhappy, successful you are in your relationships. With you, your partner and your family.

The attachment style theory is the largest and therefore most important indicator for whether you can lead successful relationships in the long run or not! Remember, EVERYONE can change their attachment style! There is only one secure style and three insecure styles.

Taking the test will take you 10 min. max.



There are 4 attachment style types, all with different character traits:



Do you feel safe and comfortable to
communicate your needs & show your
feelings openly with your romantic
partner of other loved ones?


Are you constantly feeling not good enough,
rejected, abandoned, less than.. or
do you need to feel in control in
your romantic relationships?


Are you afraid of commitment and thinking
that relationships wouldn`t last and
are overrated anyway?

Fearful-Avoidant / Disorganized

Are you in fight or flight modus all
the time and tend to push and pull, once it
looks like it`s getting more serious
with someone?


Thank you for taking the test!

You have done yourself and your partner/kids a great and important favor, by taking this test, because once you know what your attachment style is (also knowing your partners attachment style is extremely helpful) and it happens to not be the one secure style, then you have the chance to work on yourself and heal.

IMPORTANT: You are NOT your attachment style, it is just a pattern in your subconscious mind that has been installed when you were a child and can be changed by you now at any time you choose to!! Your attachment style will change, once you are committed to do what`s neccessary. Do not worry, it is not going to take years. It is a process and that process will show you results pretty fast. I promise, it´s worth it. After all, you will understand yourself, your partner and kids much better, know why you are doing certain things, reacting in certain ways ect. and are therefor able to build happy, healthy and thriving relationships.

Please remember to fill in your email address below, so you can receive your test result. Within the next 3-5 min. you will know what your attachment style is. A full report of your attachment style will be sent to you  within the next 24 hours. Please do not forget to check your spam folder as well 🙂