There is almost nothing that influences our love relationships as much as our attachment style. No wonder, it is the style we were first shown in life how to deal with feelings, needs and how relationships work! It is our “blueprint” (programming). Since most parents did not have a secure attachment style themselves, we will have an insecure style also. The attachment style is formed from 0-18 month. Usually the mother is the first attachment figure. Once we are adults, our partner in romantic relationships takes the place as our first attachment figure. In the coaching we will take a look at the hidden (in the subconscious) mechanisms you have, your limiting beliefes and changing them into empowering ones. We will also look at your needs and you will learn how to meet them yourself. It is also nesseccary to work on your traumatas. CPTSD also called small T`s, because without, you can not heal your attachment style. In short, you will learn all the tools you need for your healing journey and I will walk by your side whilst you are stepping into secure attachment!

The attachment style theory was developed by psychologists John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth in 1991. Ainsworth is known for her "Strange Situation" experiment. "Only with a secure attachment style can we have truly happy and fulfilling relationships!" ALL of us have an attachment style. We can have a small % of other attachment styles, but we have one main attachment style..


In their different life stages




Adult (romantic/love relationships)

SECURE: "I am ok, you are ok", DISMISSIVE AVOIDANT: "I am ok, you are not ok" ANXIOUS PREOCCUPIED: "You are ok, I am not ok" FEARFUL AVOIDANT/DISORGANIZED: "I am not ok, you are not ok"

Finally leave your past behind and live a healthy thriving and lasting relationship with yourself, your significant other and your children. YOU CAN DO IT!

Beziehungs Coaching - Mirjam Barner