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"Only in healthy relationships can we be truly happy & fulfilled, experience true bliss!"

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on Zoom / Phone (in Person is possible only, if you live in Berlin)

I am only able to love others, if I love myself.
I can not give what I do not have!

My coaching is right for you, if:

You will find that in all relationships the core of almost all problems / challenges can be found in childhood! The “inner child” is always in you and so is your attachment style. Especially since the attachment style is formed within the first 0-18 month of everyones life!  It seems as if everything is due to the current situation. However, this is only the appearance. In my years of experience (and well known relationship coaches), there has never been a couple, or single person, who`s problems did not have their have its roots in childhood. This is exactly why my coaching focuses primarily on the areas of the “Inner Child” & “The 4 Attachment Styles”. My coaching is not a “quick fix”, it requires your willingness with patience and deep desire to really want to change something in your life and have thriving relationships with yourself and your partner! It’s not about a short-lived improvement, but a transformation. Don’t worry, it won’t take months or years, it’s a process. From week to week you will see your relationship change for the better. We will tailor a step by step plan that will lead you straight to your goal. It has worked for many couples, as well as singles and now it is up to you to continue the success story. 

I am looking forward to supporting you on your healing journey to a blissful, joyful, happy and fulfilled relationship and life! Warmly, Miri

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"For things to change, you have to change. For things to get better, you have to get better" - Jim Rohn -

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