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"Only a secure attachment will lead you to thrive, be happy & fulfilled in relationship to self, romantic relationships and all areas of life"

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I am only able to love others, if I love myself. I can not give what I do not have!

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I am looking forward to helping you heal/change into your true self and a happy fulfilling life!

Beziehungs Einzelcoaching - HIGHER LOVE COACHING

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"For things to change, you have to change"
- Jim Rohn -

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Mirjam Barner

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Beziehungs Coaching - Mirjam Barner

Mirjam Barner (Relationship Coach - Specialized in Inner Child Work and Attachment Theory) – TESTIMONIALS


You can change your attachment style at any age!

Thanks to Mirjam’s professional support, I quickly recognised my attachment style (disorganised/anxious-avoidant). This enabled me to quickly crystallise my personal “construction sites” and, with Mirjam’s help, embark on my healing journey. It was a process that was, admittedly, very painful at times. I had to face my shadows and negative belief patterns if I wanted to change anything and it was more than worth it! With Mirjam’s loving and at

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Mirjam`s Coaching exceeded my expectations

Through Mirjam I learned a lot about myself (/my inner child) and my anxious-preoccupied attachment style, as well as the disorganized/anxious-avoidant. In a way that exceeded my expectations. With her help, I was able to acquire and apply tools in my daily life that have enriched it in a lasting way. In addition to her competence as an attachment style expert, Mirjam has an open, warm and humorous manner, which

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Mirjam Barners coaching sessions are a revelation

Mirjam Barners coaching sessions are a revelation. She manages to open one’s eyes with her empathic and heartfelt manner. In addition, Miri conveys professionalism, wisdom of life, with spirituality, a lot of heart and humor. I feel happier, freer and more inspired in life because of the coaching and I can trust the flow of life better. Miri has a refreshing and warm way – and was always available to

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