Raise happy, confident, healthy & resilient kids

Whether you have just become parents or have been on this beautiful journey for a long time, I will support you in your challenges, on the way to your desired result! The future belongs to the children of today, so it is our obligation as parents to give them the best start in life!

What to expect from Parent Coaching:

Every stage in a person’s life brings new challenges. It is no different with our children. Each of them wants and can be mastered if you have the right tools (tools) to do so. Since we as parents are not prepared for our task, it is only natural that sometimes or more often we are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. Don’t worry, this doesn’t make us bad parents. Self-knowledge, self-love, authenticity and appreciation are the main foundations for being a successful parent. This is exactly where the “inner child”, our “inner child” as parents and thus our own “attachment style”/relationship pattern comes into play!

Over the past few years, as an attachment style expert, I have guided numerous women & men to move from one of the 3 insecure attachment styles to the secure one. In order for our children to grow up with the secure attachment style immediately, we, as parents, must also have the secure attachment style for the most part.

We first address your most unconscious limiting beliefs, your old patterns, your programming. Once we have brought all this to the surface, we start with your reprogramming.We look at your basic needs, which are directly related to your limiting beliefs.This is followed by the integration of the parts you have split off from (your inner child).There are numerous tools that I give you, including meditations, visualizations, etc.

If we disregard healing our attachment style, our inner child attachment style, we cannot give our children what they absolutely need for their lives.They need parents who can guide them, give them security and show them how to become a healthy, self-confident and self-loving adult. But how do we want to model and teach them this if we don’t know how to do it ourselves? Powerless parents who just wait are no help/support for their children.Children learn by copying us. How we conduct our relationship with ourselves and our partner is their example of how a relationship works. Just because you love your child and want only the best, you should also do the best for you.

Feel free to book your free get-to-know coaching session with me, then I’ll tell you more, about my different coaching offers, how I work and of course, what your investment in you will be.

I look forward to meeting you!

"You can make all the difference for your children now, by healing your "inner child". That`s the only way not to pass your old hurts and unloving limiting believs on to your children!" Raise your children consciously and give them the very best start in life, they deserve it.