Online Course Emotional Intelligence


Unleash your Inner Powers with Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman

Psychologist,one of the world's most famous and recognized people in the field of Emotional Intelligence.

Daniel Goleman defines the term emotional intelligence according to Salovey and Gardner by the following abilities:

Knowing your own emotions
Recognize and accept your own emotions as they occur. This ability is crucial for understanding one’s own behaviour and drives. (Background: Many people feel at the mercy of their emotions, reject them and fight or avoid them – instead of being aware of the fact that emotions can be actively controlled).
Influence emotions
Handle feelings in a way that is appropriate to the situation (instead of dramatising or trivialising). This includes the ability to calm oneself and to mitigate feelings of fear, irritation, disappointment or offence and to reinforce positive feelings. This helps in overcoming setbacks or stressful situations.
(Source: Wikipedia)


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This online course is about EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Maybe you have heard this term already. Emotional Intelligence is a term introduced by John D. Mayer (University of New Hampshire) and Peter Salovey (Yale University) in 1990. It is about the ability to (correctly) perceive, understand and influence one’s own and other people’s feelings. This makes it clear why Emotional Intelligence is enormously important for any kind of interpersonal relationships. Whether in private or professional life. Emotional Intelligence consists of 4 main components:

  1. Self-Awareness – Self-Perception (the most important part of Emotional Intelligence)
  2. Self-Management – Self-Regulation 
  3. Social-Awareness – Competence/empathy, being able to empathize with others 
  4. Relationship Management – The ability to lead successful relationships

Why emotional intelligence is important for your marriage / relationship?

The higher your EQ the better you know yourself. You know where your thoughts, feelings, reactions, triggers (buttons that someone pushes inside you that cause strong feelings inside you) come from and why you are having them. You can name them percisely and handle them very well. YOU DO NOT SUPPRESS, but master them. You know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are and to use them to your advantage, as well as to the advantage of your wife / husband. By knowing yourself, you can also put yourself in your partner’s (other people’s) place and understand them better. You can communicate freely and without fear about your feelings and show them openly. To really know yourself gives you security and the certainty that everything in life is happening for you. You look positively into the future and expect only the best, for yourself and your wife/husband and your marriage/relationship.