Make fear your friend, not your enemy.

I will do it when:

I have more money
The children are big
I have a wife
I’ve lost 20 kilos.
I am successful

I’m waiting for the right time!

Do you know this one?

Life tells you: “Come on, wake up! Let’s get going. Let’s make the best of your . You’re just saying: “Wait, wait, I’m not ready yet.”

Fear is the willingness to hold sorrow, doubt and questions in one hand, but courage is the willingness to hold enthusiasm in the other. You’re waiting for fear to go away so you can live your life?

Fear as a motivator
Let fear be your motivator, not your oppressor! Be the master of your fear, control it Do it anyway. Devote yourself to your magnificence, your passion, your enthusiasm.

Ask yourself the following questions and answer them:

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

If you knew that you could overcome any pain?

If you knew that the things you are afraid of are NOTHING, they are all possibilities for you to become stronger?

What would you do?
Who would you love?
Who would wake up next to you?
What job would you do?
Where would you live?
What kind of person would you be?
And the most important question, “How would the world benefit?”
How would the world benefit from you, because you have decided to face your fear and have gone to your true greatness, using all the talents and gifts you carry within you?

The world would be a better place to live if fear didn’t get you by the throat.

What would you do if you knew that you would not have to wait until fear was gone?
But the fear, as soon as you act anyway and move on, anyway disappears into the NOTHING that it was all the time!
What would you do?
What would your life be like?
How would you see the world?
Look your fear in the eyes, don’t look away, don’t look away, don’t look to the side, face it!

You as the creator.
You are the designer of your life, you are the designer of your destiny, you are the author of your autobiography. No one else can write your story! Write a story that is damn good and interesting to read and hear. A story that inspires others, comforts others, gives others courage.

For this you have to reprogram yourself. Become someone you have never been before. Go where you have never been, you have to do something you have never done before.

You get a chance to design your life. You are not condemned to live the life you have lived. You chose to live it! You’re not condemned to your future. You have an opportunity for your future. What do you want and how do you want it? If it makes you realize you’re scared, then you’re doing it right, if not, then not. You need to get out of your comfort zone, jump into your life.

What you should really be afraid of is that at the end of your life you didn’t do everything to become the best version of yourself, just because you let your fear dominate you!

Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid of never trying or giving up.

Life Lessons
Some of the most important lessons in life come to us in the form of: relationship breakdown, loss, death, being abandoned, having to leave a loved one, resignation, etc. So the most important things, the ones we grow on, are wrapped in sandpaper, not cotton wool.

Your job is to recognize and use this to give you drive, not resignation!

Start now. If you want support in this, I am here for you!