Family Coaching (EN)

Family Coaching

Raise confident, healthy & successful kids

Whether you have just become parents or have been on this beautiful journey for a long time, I will support you in your challenges, on the way to your desired result!

What you can expect from family/parent coaching:

You can expect individual and goal-oriented support through your current challenges. Every phase in a person’s life brings new challenges. This is no different with our children. Each of them can and will be mastered if you have the right tools. Since we as parents are not prepared for our task, it is only natural that sometimes or more often we are overwhelmed and do not know what to do. Don’t worry, this does not make us bad parents. Self-knowledge, authenticity and appreciation are the main foundations for being a successful parent. Children absolutely need parents who can guide them, give them security and show them how to become a healthy, self-confident and happy adult.  But the reality is that most adults themselves do not know how to do this. Powerless parents who just wait and see are no help/support for their children. Children learn by copying, they imitate us. So that you as parents can be a good example for them, it is good that you seek professional guidance. Many parents think that everything will be good sometime. Without doing anything for it, however, in most cases this does not work. The frustration, the hopelessness will only increase. Do not let your strength be robbed any longer, but steer your family boat in the right direction.

The family coaching mainly takes place without children. Why? Because it is usually already enough when the parents work on a new relationship. If you would like to learn more and/or register for a free coaching session, just press the green button below.



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