Conscious Parenting Coaching (EN)


Raise happy, confident, healthy & resilient kids

Whether you have just become parents or have been on this beautiful journey for a long time, I will support you in your challenges, on the way to your desired result! The future belongs to the children of today, so it is our obligation as parents to give them the best start in life!

What you can expect from Conscious Parenting Coaching:

You can expect individual and goal-oriented guidance through your current challenges. Every phase in a person’s life brings new challenges. It is no different with our children. Each of them wants and can be mastered if you have the right tools to do so. Since we as parents are not prepared for our task, it is only natural that sometimes or more often we are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. Don’t worry, this doesn’t make us bad parents. A healed “inner child”, a secure “attachment-style” (self-knowledge, self-love, authenticity and appreciation) are the main foundations for being a successful parent and human in general actually. This is the reason, why I focus my coaching on the “inner child” and the 4 “attachment-styles”. 

If we disregard this, we cannot give our children what they absolutely need for their lives. They need parents who can guide them, give them security (emotional, not just physical) and show them how to regulate their emotions, handle difficult situations without beeing overwhelmed and to become a healthy, self-confident and self-loving adult.  But how can we teach them this if we don’t know how to do it ourselves? Powerless parents who just wait and see are no help/support for their children. Children learn by copying, they imitate us. In order for you as parents to be a good role model for your children and not transmit your wounds and wrong beliefs to them, you should start healing as soon as possible. It is because you love your children. Of course they will grow up, but surely you want to do the best for your children and give them the most ideal start in their adult life, don’t you?

If you can answer YES to this, then I will be very happy to support you in this process, which will change your whole dynamic within the family for the better and even transform it permanently!

"You can make all the difference for your children now, by healing your "inner child". That`s the only way not to pass your old hurts and unloving limiting believs on to your children!" Raise your children consciously and give them the very best start in life, they deserve it.

Each of us carries two parts of our personality. The adult and the “inner child”! Only when both parts are in contact with each other can we feel complete. The adult part is assigned to the left half of the brain and the child part to the right half. The “inner child” is a term that actually describes our subconscious mind. It is our programming from childhood. Everything we have experienced, emotions, memories, experiences. It is scientifically proven that we act out of our subconscious mind 95% of the time. So this means that our thinking, feeling and acting is mostly not conscious to us, but follows an automatism! We do it automatically, because we got it imprinted by constant repetition in our childhood. Our values, our belief patterns. What we think about ourselves does not come from us, but is what we have been told, shown/perceived over and over again. If, as a child, we felt ourselves to be not good enough, insufficient, unlovable, stupid, bad, not deserving, etc., then we must have been told so over and over again, or interpreted it in this way, by our parents’ behavior towards us. It is not our natural state, none of us were born this way. Our parents didn`t know who they truely were themselves and projected their pain onto us. It is a vicious circle that continues from generation to generation, until someone brakes out of it through recognizing and healing. Now beeing a parent yourself, you can make all the difference for your children! As children we think it must be our fault if our parents behave/react in a certain way! We therefor devolop a coping mechanism to avoid the pain and survive. We give up our true self (internal division) and become a construct which we think makes us more loveable to our parents. It is called the false-self (wounded ego-self). As adults we are still living as this false-self (unconsciously). We carry it into all of our relationships. As a child we needed it to survive, but now, as adults it is distructive, hindering us from living life and therefor also our relationships to our full potential. We are still looking on the outside to be validated, loved and worthy. We want our partner to give this to us. This is not possible though and also not our partners job. We have to find it all again within us. We have to do inner bonding and heal our “inner child”. There is NO other way!