Individual Coaching (EN)

Individual Coaching

You are desperate, your relationship/marriage is on the verge of ending?

You live in a relationship/marriage, and are aware of the fact that it can't go on like this with your partner anymore and are now looking for professional support?

Is it possible to do the coaching without your partner being present at the coaching? YES

First of all, it’s really great and brave of you to have made the decision to seek support!

In your situation it is very important and advisable.  You are welcome to pat yourself on the back for that! Far too many don’t take this step, or only after the separation is already completed.

A lot of marriages and relationships can be healed by taking the right steps!

There are many couples where, at least in the beginning, only one is willing to accept professional help and support. But that is not bad at all! If you come to my relationship coaching, you will change your behaviour and way of thinking in the course of our coaching. Only through these changes in you, your relationship will change for the better. Your partner will automatically change his or her behaviour as well, because you suddenly react very differently to him or her. Even couples who no longer believed to love each other have experienced a “miracle”. They taught themselves better. If you want to learn more about this and my methods, please come to my free orientation coaching session.

I am looking forward to seeing you and I am sure that we will get you out of your desperation strengthened and with a secure plan. After the first relationship coaching session you will quickly notice a positive change through the exercises and strategies I will give you. Of course, not everything can happen overnight, as it is a process, but at least you can start with the first steps immediately.

You will already be able to see more clearly after your free orientation coaching session!