A blend of humanity, life experience and professional knowledge

When I started Mirjam’s coaching , I found myself in a desperate situation emotionally. All the pillars on which I had built my life until then were crooked or lying broken on the ground.
Through her support, I was able to first recognize what type of attachment I am, where my difficulties lie and how I can find my way out of my stuck situation. The knot then burst quite quickly and within a short time I was able to realign my life and put it on a good path for me.
I owe this to Mirjam’s ability and willingness to listen to me, to get close to my issues, to give me honest feedback, to make the right interventions at the right moment and to show herself vulnerable at times. This blend of humanity, life experience and and professional knowledge is what makes her credible as a coach. – Thank you!”


Translated with DeepL