Why relationships/marriages fail

Why Relationships &Marriages fail! Most people think relationships/marriages fail/end because the love its gone! But it`s not true. All of us need connection and love. It belongs to our six human needs.It doesn`t matter if we are adults or children. Without connection, we simply die! Why relationships/marriages fail! Love needs connection. Not all relationships/marriages end, […]


FEAR Make fear your friend, not your enemy. I will do it when: I have more moneyThe children are bigI have a wifeI’ve lost 20 kilos.I am successful I’m waiting for the right time! Do you know this one? Life tells you: “Come on, wake up! Let’s get going. Let’s make the best of your […]

The 6 Human Needs (Tony Robbins)

THE 6 HUMAN NEEDS 1. Certainty/Comfort2. Variety3. Significance4. Love & Connection5. Growth6. Contribution THE 6 HUMAN NEEDS My mentor Anthony Robbins,  with whom I did my Life Coaching training and certification, created this concept by expanding Abraham Maslow (pyramid of needs). Over the last 43 years he has coached, observed and helped countless people worldwide […]

Relationships: In many relationships you have two wounded children who get together as adults!

Relationship: In many relationships two wounded children get together We try to accommodate conflicting ideas, needs and life views in our relationships! This can go terribly wrong. We try to accommodate conflicting ideas and needs in our relationships! In a lot of cases this goes terribly wrong. Relationships: In many relationships, two wounded children come […]