How to live a happy and fulfilling relationship

You have to have a balance between your mind and your heart.

My motto is: “Always thrive to be the best version of yourself” I am a Life Coach, specialized in Dating and Relationship Coaching. It doesn`t matter if you are single or in a relationship, I will help you to take on your challenges, see clearly again, uncover your blockages as well as releasing them and getting the relationship/life which you truly desire. I have a long history of Relationship and Dating experience. I have made a lot of mistakes and learned from them. Together with my Methods & Strategies from my professional training as a Life Coach with my mentor Tony Robbins I have all the tools to help you reach your goals. Every coaching, apart from Group Coaching is tailor made to your situation. I do group-coachings and single coachings via Zoom and Skype. If you prefer a 1:1 coaching, I`m available in Berlin or you can sign up for my 1 day VIP Intensive Coaching Day. Which one of the coachings is the right one for you, we can best find out in your free discovery session „Soulmate“.

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Life coach - Foto von Mirjam Barner