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"Only in healthy relationships can you thrive, be happy & fulfilled!"

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I am only able to love others, if I love myself. I can not give what I do not have!

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I am looking forward to helping you heal/change into your true self and a happy fulfilling life!

Beziehungs Einzelcoaching - HIGHER LOVE COACHING

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"For things to change, you have to change"
- Jim Rohn -

Beziehungs Coaching
with Coach Miri

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Beziehungs Coaching - Mirjam Barner

Mirjam Barner (Relationship Coach - Specialized in Inner Child Work and Attachment Theory) – TESTIMONIALS


Years of therapy can not compete with this kind of coaching

My coaching with Mirjam was eye opening. Through her direct yet empathetic communication, I found her coaching regarding attachment style, self-sabotage, and understanding your inner child, to be profound. She showed me how these inner patterns related to my childhood relationship with my mother and how I could take action to change them. Years of therapy can not compete with this kind of coaching, that puts the responsibility of your

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I guess that`s what you call transformation.

I think that`s what you call transformation. At first I was sceptical whether coaching could really help me. I tried therapy before, but it wasn’t mine. Therapists are too distant, I think. Everything according to the book. With Mirjam it was completely different.  Because of her emphatic and open nature, I was able to open up quickly, which is normally difficult for me. She helped me to recognize my strengths,

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I thought I`d tried everything already!

I thought I`d tried everything already! I was sure I had already tried everything. But during my coaching with Mirjam I was happy to find out that I had only tried almost everything! Mirjam’s sensitive way and the ability to look behind the curtain opened my eyes about myself. I was not aware that I had given all responsibility for our marriage going badly onto my wife. Since my eyes

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